Solution for HY Real Estate Enterprise

HY Real Estate Enterprise
            HY is small Medium Real Estate Enterprise, which is prevailing in a competitive market. As its competitors hold greater resources and have catered greater market share. As HY is an enterprise which works for the property development hence it faces greater difficulties due to the lack of the concerned resources. Furthermore this company was able to build only one project by itself in the time of eight years. The company wants to launch the projects by itself but its size and position in the market doesn’t allow it to exceed. This company can be analyzed from the different perspectives like the financial perspective, customer perspective, internal process perspective and innovation perspective.
Financial Perspective:
            When the HY Company is analyzed from the financial perspective, this can be assessed easily that the company due to being small in size faced the financial issues. The most important problem to consider, which is not letting the HY Company to expand, is the discrepancy of finance. The company is unable to attract the potential investors as it is not in the competitive position. The HY Company due to its small size is not in a position to hold the land on reserve and hence faces problems of scale and capital. The only way left for the HY Company to expand in size is through debt. But with debt there comes greater risk as debt requires the periodic interest payments. Thus HY Company is even reluctant to take the loan from the bank as its cash inflows are not consistent thus it may be unable to pay the periodic interest payments. The performance of the HY Company in the financial perspective depends on the way it manages the financial interactions with the other companies and particularly the cash inflows and cash outflows. The company can sort out the financing problem by decreasing it’s costs, which is main determinant of the overall profits.
Customer Perspective:
                   By analyzing the HY company from the perspective of customer, it can be perceived that the company may itself do not have much of effect on the customers. As this company only manages the social resources and it is more of the virtual nature. This company undertakes its sales from the advertising company, thus the marketing of HY Company is always dependent on some other company. Furthermore HY Company undertakes its construction work from some building company. Thus the quality of the services performed by the HY Company is dependent on the performance of some other companies and so is the customer satisfaction. If the participating companies are keeping the standards of their work, HY Company will be appreciated otherwise it may be affected severely by the performance of the participating companies.The customers can perceive the performance of this company, by analyzing the quality of the work done by it. The company can increase the customer satisfaction by maintaining the quality of its work even though it has to compromise on the profits. The benefits of the customer satisfaction can be actualized in the long run thus it requires the long term maintenance of the quality for making the customers loyal to the brand of the company.


Internal Process Perspective:
Internal process perspective is more related to the management of the resources produced by the affiliating companies of the HY Company. The HY Company due to being small in size is more dependent on its relation with the other companies. As it has limited resources and the capital so it has to cooperate with the supporting companies in order to get its work done. Thus the internal management of the HY Company is actually the management of theexternal relations with the other companies. The HY Company is reluctant to face the issues of the human resource management which are more difficult to handle as compared to the integrity of the resourcesThe company’s performance in this case is greatly dependent on the handling of the integrity of the resources. The company can increase the performance in this respect by improving the coordination and cooperation skills. The company can also earn greater profits by showing greater trust in the current complementing companies and maintaining the relations with the same companies instead of going for the other companies.

Learning and Innovation Perspective:
Coming towards the learning and innovation perspective, the HY Company is facing the problem due to lack of innovation. As the company is residing in a competitive market and has the competents with the similar core competencies. Due to the lack of innovation the company is currently facing the problem in the expansion. The company can learn from its competent regarding the financing problems. As they can observe the leading companies in the market in order to figure how they manage the financial issues and support their projects for expansion.The innovation is more needed in minimizing the costs, which are related to the company. As the company is not much stable to make greater profits by expanding while it can ensure this by minimizing the current costs.



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